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Free Time Friday Review: Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Last week, I experienced the most “Hipster Brooklyn” Friday night ever.

The night began when I met up with some friends at FIT and we got the train to Brooklyn. Our destination was the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg. I had not yet been to Williamsburg and was taken aback at how cool everything was. Walking among warehouses, indie boutiques and street art, we found our destination and entered into a warehouse covered in purposeful graffiti. It turns out that the outside was deceptively small because inside there are arcade games, bars, ping pong, food stalls, and rows of merchants selling homemade goods. It was hard to know where to look, but we quickly found ourselves shuffling from stall to stall, buying little pieces of jewelry and admiring bigger ones.
One of the coolest things about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is that they put on free shows with both up and coming musicians, and also larger bands.
For free, we got to see Palehound, Lazyeyes, Sunflower Bean and Wolf Alice. They were all very talented and happy to meet fans before or after their sets.
The only downfall of the BK Night Bazaar is that there is not a lot of seating on a busy night so you will probably be standing for the entire time that you’re there. It also is only open and running on Friday and Saturday nights.


If you live in New York and are looking for a cheap Friday or Saturday night activity, I would definitely recommend the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.
Instagram: @bkbazaar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bkbazaar

Also check out Wolf Alice’s new album, “My Love Is Cool.”

If you’ve visited or have any other suggestions for New York free time activities, feel free to let us know in the comments!


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Wandering Lust

Wanderlust. A word that is often associated with a free spirited lifestyle of travel and the constant seeking of new places. It’s a concept that romanticizes new adventures and disregards old routines.

I had always thought that wanderlust was a good and vital part of life. I have an extremely healthy thirst for adventure and am constantly looking for where I will travel next or looking back on where I just came from. There are times in my life where I am so preoccupied by thoughts of travelling that I am distracted from my present surroundings. But as followers of Christ, we are called to be present and aware of our surroundings. We need to come down from our daydreams and remain focused on the goal at hand: which is to bring glory to God so that all may know him.

It is difficult to be mentally present sometimes when it seems as though the world is beckoning you to abandon your routine and come have carefree adventures.
Everyone is born with an innate sense of wanderlust, and it is not always bad- we simply need to evaluate our motives. For example, I know a lot of people who think that if they could move overseas that they could start a new life in an exotic and exciting place where they could escape from their current situation. But sometimes God calls us to stay.

One of the hardest challenges for me is that God wants us to bloom where we are planted. I have to remind myself of this constantly. If we get lost in our own plans, making our own maps, how can we be following God? He constantly gives us opportunities of all sizes and we need to remain sober minded in order to respond to these opportunities. We are planted intentionally and how frustrating must it be for God when we refuse to bloom because we are distracted.

I challenge you all to turn towards the sun and bloom. Take advantage of every opportunity with boldness that comes from God and watch your distractions disappear.


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APPS WE LOVE… Real Racing 3


Today we are starting a new section on the blog. 

/ A P P S   W E   L O V E /

We will be sharing some apps we have on our iPhones that we are really enjoying, whether it be a game, style app or editing app! Please feel free to let us know what your fave app is and if there is an app we should try out!


(taken from the web!)

Hey guys! NayMay here, so today I am sharing with you one of my all time fave gaming apps! But be warned, if you do try this you may become a little addicted 🙂 speaking from experience…

I will admit that I absolutely love car racing games. If there is any opportunity, whether it be at the arcade, stealing a friends phone to play a game or just downloading a bunch of apps, I will happily play. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)
But the one that has stood out for me is Real Racing 3 on the iphone and ipad.

Featuring all-new licensed tracks and a robust lineup of licensed cars from all-new manufacturers, Real Racing 3 delivers a rich, next-gen racing experience with the most beautiful and authentic circuit racing available on mobile devices.’

Engines a ready.

Engines a ready.

I first fell in love with this game on my tiny iphone 4S screen, my Real Racing buddies (yes, yes I do have racing buddies) would laugh at how bad the graphics were and so jolty, but once I downloaded it on my ipad mini it all changed. It was so clear, big and smooth and made the game so much more enjoyable and slightly more obvious when I played it!

Within the app you have a series of races to complete at different levels, Amateur, Pro/Am, Pro, Expert, Master, Elite and Legend. Within a series you have different challenges to complete, a traditional cup race where you are up against 22 other fancy cars, ‘Elimination’ (a favourite) where a car gets eliminated every 20 seconds, and you have to come in first to survive, Endurance, Hunter and so many more to explore and have favourites of your own.

Two of my favourite types of races.

Two of my favourite types of races.

A great feature of this game is that you can play with your friends with ‘Time Shifted Multi-player’ It works by recording the time it takes for you to do a lap in each race, then when you go online it recreates that time lapse, when you play opponents in multi-player mode it is reproducing the laps raced by real people at another time. This is a great feature, but when playing with friends you tend to get a little competitive and won’t stop racing until you have thrashed them and all they can see ahead is the dust of your tracks!! Maybe I have stayed up a little too late trying to beat everyone I know, because c’mon a girl racing against her male friends has got to show them who’s boss!

My favourite site to see, but my car is pretty much destroyed at the end of each race. I'm a little reckless!

My favourite site to see, but my car is pretty much destroyed at the end of each race. I’m a little reckless!

I will admit, one night having an epic sleepover with The Emily’s as they were checking out blogs and watching films, I was there, sitting with my phone plugged into the wall racing a friend until the wee hours of the morning, it is that addictive.The Emily’s weren’t too thrilled with my sudden anti-social behaviour but it happens to us all right?

Time can quickly go by when playing and it actually keeps a record of how many hours you spend racing, and no I haven’t spent a grand total of 70 hours 42 minutes and 13 seconds!

There is so much content in this game especially if you love a good ole race. Just make sure your not living and breathing RR3.

You can play anywhere.

You can play anywhere…literally.

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Ombre to dye for

Well hello there!

Today I thought I would share with you about how Em and I ombred our hair in the summer. (is ombred even a word ? )

Firstly, I have always wanted to ombre my hair and my caring mum always told me that “dying your hair is not good for you, your natural hair is a lovely colour” and so on… But me being an impressionable Pinterest loving 18 year old ombre hair was legit and Pinterest was full of awesome hair and styles that I just *needed* in my life. And I at least wanted to try it…

Well my mum allowed me to ombre my hair! (#breakthrough) And in true Independence day style, on the fourth of July, Em and I bought the necessary hair dye and hair bleach and were ready for it!

Em previously ombred her hair and it looked great! She has shorter hair than mine, so her ombre was more noticeable while mine was mainly the ends below shoulder length, so if I wanted to cut it off my hair was still pretty long. Anyway, our plan was to bleach the ends, maybe 2 inches, then dye the next 2 1/2 inches with blonde hair dye.

So in preparation we made makeshift bibs by making holes in a bin bag and wearing them as a shirt ~ classy.

I was first and Em started by putting the bleach on the ends of my hair, the smell felt like it was stripping my nose from ever being able to smell again, however it was just stripping my hair of everything good for it.

We then put the hair dye a little higher by using our index finger and thumb and running it down strands of hair. I then hesitantly did it for Em apologising throughout as it was my first time dying hair.

Then we waited, and waited. As we both have brunette hair you couldn’t see a drastic change in our hair colour while it was wet. After rinsing the ends of our hair in the sink, we were quite surprised by the outcome, being no huge difference! The blonde hair dye didn’t even show up on our hair! However the bleached ends did show. So we were left with a thin blonde line at the bottom of our hair. But by this time we had to rush and go see the fireworks display for July fourth! WOOP!  But it looked a little strange as only 2 inches of our hair was actually a different colour and was a straight line round our head, so the next day we had to fix it!

The next morning Em’s dad ran to Wal-Mart to get more bleach, and outside, with a wooden chair and our classy bin bag bibs we were ready for round 2 using the same technique, this time going further up our hair and making it less straight and more messy and natural around our whole head.

Well we both loved it! It turned out great! And finally my pinterest-turning-reality dream was real and actually worked to really well! We were both super pumped!

However, once the novelty wore off ( which did take some time) I realised how brittle and dry it made my hair, from looking at the natural brown hair to the blonde it was a noticeable difference in the health and dryness. Back in England where the weather can be dryer my hair looked so unhealthy, especially when straightened it looked frizzy and again really dry.

So after three months I got it cut off and have been taking Biotin ( a vitamin for hair, skin and nails health ) I have noticed a drastic change in the fullness and vitality of my hair and how dark my natural hair colour is! …

// I would definitely ombre again but maybe not with bleach //

So the moral of the story, maybe my mum waaas right and I should hold off wanting to dye ALL my hair as thankfully with ombre you can just cut it off! However Em’s looked awesome and she is rocking the ombre look!
But the beauty about hair is that if you don’t like it you can always chop it off!

Thank God for hair growth, am I right?!

– Em J –

Turned out pretty good

Turned out pretty good

Em rocking that hair

Em rocking that hair

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Workin Hard or Hardly Workin


Nay and EmJ are in America and it has been fantastic but also expensive. We got our nails did (mani pedis yall), and we’ve been shoppin’ up a storm. So as a result of this unforeseen expense, we have undertaken summer jobs.

I have found a job designing for a clothing store and we all work together as interior design interns. The latter has quickly proven itself to be a lot more demanding both physically and emotionally. We seem to get ourselves into sticky situations extremely easily.

For just one example, today at work we broke a garage door. How does someone even do that?? I have never seen anyone break a garage the way that we did. In a house where perfection comes first, we created a trail of flaws. She even told us to go home early.

Then, later that day at Target (our second home) Nay got to the checkout counter and didn’t have enough money. Six dollars short and we all just couldn’t scrape enough money together. The shorts were abandoned until next time.. when the paychecks start rollin in!

Us workin girls are excited for the weekend, we are really understanding the meaning behind TGIF.


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Who are we ?



Welcome to our blog! This blog is composed of 3 girls, 2 of whom are sisters, following 1 God.

First of all, Naomi, known as NayMay She is a 22 year old London graduate following a career in sound mixer in TV

What do you love: movies, collecting memories, oreos, photography, playing apps, discovering new places and Jimmy Fallon.

What do you hate: arrogance. I’m a mellow person.

Her younger sister Emily, known as EmJ She is an 18 year old, who’s independence has taken her away from university and straight into the working world. Searching for a career in TV Presenting.

What do you love: cleaning, sarcasm, autumn/winter, elephants, nail polish, exploring, spontaneity and YouTube.

What do you hate: animals, people stepping on the back of my shoes, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, people messing up my room.

Lastly, the unrelated by blood but chosen as family Emily, known as Em She is a 20 year old, soon to be college graduate from California and determined to work in design.

What do you love: people watching, bad TV shows, tumblr, ice cream, music

What do you hate: cars, bugs and cars that are bugs.